Advance for Medical Laboratory Professionals

Advance for Medical Laboratory Professionals was a business magazine catering to the medical laboratory field. This biweekly trade journal was initially established in 1991, and throughout its circulation, it catered to a diverse audience of medical laboratory professionals. This included bench technologists, chief technologists, cytotechnologists, generalists, histotechnologists, laboratory directors and managers, laboratory section heads, medical laboratory scientists and technicians, blood specialists, educators, and others within the medical laboratory field. Image:advance-for-medical-laboratory-professionals-sample-cover

The magazine's format included both paper and online mediums. It was owned by Merion Matters and operated from its headquarters in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, USA. The editor during its operation was Matthew T. Patton. The magazine’s ISSN was 1088-5676 and it had an online presence known as "Advance for Laboratory."

Advance for Medical Laboratory Professionals was known for its special issues. These included the education issue, the National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week issue, the industry outlook issue, the new graduate issue, and the annual safety issue.

In addition to its regular content, the publication conducted a biannual salary survey of laboratory professionals in collaboration with another publication, Advance for Administrators of the Laboratory. Furthermore, it featured a regular column titled “Ask NCA”, thanks to an editorial agreement with the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel Inc.

Advance for Medical Laboratory Professionals gained recognition for its contributions to the field of medical laboratory science. It received the Corporate Recognition Award from the Pennsylvania chapter of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science. In 2006, the magazine's editor, Matthew Patton, won an award in the Awards for Publication Excellence in the Editorial and Advocacy Writing category.

At the height of its popularity, the magazine had a circulation of 41,875. However, it has since ceased publication.{{Categories}}

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