All Hands Magazine


All Hands is the official online magazine of the United States Navy. Established in August 1922, the publication served as a significant resource for sailors, providing pertinent information and news impacting more than 300,000+ Sailors and their families. Originally published under various titles, the magazine adopted its current name in 1945.

The magazine is a public document, available to all, and it receives over 33 million page views annually. All Hands was initially a free-of-charge, monthly print publication. Its last printed issue was published in December 2011, although it continues to be published online.

Formerly published by the Naval Media Center in Washington, D.C., the publication operations moved to the Defense Media Activity’s Production Directorate’s Navy Production Division in Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, in August 2011, shortly before the cessation of its print edition. The magazine is produced for the Navy’s Chief of Information (CHINFO).

In February 2013, All Hands Magazine resurfaced as a digital web-based publication, maintaining its role as a critical source of news and information for the Navy community. It continues to be updated daily, reflecting the evolving needs and interests of its readership.{{Categories}}

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