Alt Variety

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Alt Variety was a New York City-based monthly publication that centered on alternative and subversive themes. Having first appeared online in February 2012, it eventually ceased operations in July 2013.

The magazine's inception can be traced back to the internet's earliest alternative Usenet newsgroups. These groups were characterized as obscure and largely unregulated, their identities often concealed by arcane prefixes such as 'alt'. Alt Variety emerged from this milieu under the guidance of Luke H. Walker, who assumed the pseudonym Lee Wong. By the time it made its transition from the digital sphere to physical stands as a free publication, the magazine had garnered a reputation for its daring and unconventional content, particularly the publication of remarkable yet veritable tales from the demimondaine.

Alt Variety had a humble inception as a strictly online blog, with a focus on various themes such as investigative reporting, fringe culture, satirical political inquiries, the arts, as well as more controversial topics like pornography and illicit drug use. Regular celebrity interviews were also a part of the magazine's offerings, though these were far from ordinary. Rather than adhering to a standard narrative, these interviews often veered towards the eccentric and the unexpected, providing a unique spin on the familiar format.{{Categories}}

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