Alternative Ulster

Alternative Ulster magazine was a prominent music and arts publication in Northern Ireland. Focusing on alternative culture, the magazine provided a platform for local artists and musicians during a challenging period in the region's history.Image:alternative-ulster-sample-cover

Origins and Publication

Alternative Ulster magazine was first published in 1979 by a group of dedicated individuals seeking to create an outlet for alternative voices within the local music and arts scene of Northern Ireland. Notably, the name of the magazine was inspired by the influential punk song "Alternative Ulster" by punk rock band Stiff Little Fingers.

Content and Format

The magazine's content covered a wide range of subjects, including music, art, film, and societal issues affecting Northern Ireland and beyond. Known for its independent and alternative perspective, Alternative Ulster sought to explore countercultural movements and promote underrepresented voices within the creative community.

Influence and Impact

Alternative Ulster magazine made a significant impact on the alternative music and arts scene in Northern Ireland. During a time of political and social unrest, the magazine provided a platform for artists to express themselves and share their work with a wider audience. It played a crucial role in fostering a sense of community and creativity during challenging times.

Promotion of Local Talent

One of the magazine's primary objectives was to showcase and support local talent. Alternative Ulster featured interviews, reviews, and profiles of emerging and established artists, musicians, and creatives from Northern Ireland. It provided a valuable platform for artists to gain exposure and connect with a dedicated audience.

Editorial Approach

Alternative Ulster maintained an impartial and non-judgmental editorial approach, focusing on promoting the local music and arts scene rather than imposing opinions or ideologies onto its readership. The magazine aimed to reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the alternative culture in Northern Ireland.


After a successful run, Alternative Ulster magazine ceased publication in [year]. The specific reasons for its discontinuation are not widely documented, but the magazine's legacy as an important contributor to the alternative cultural landscape of Northern Ireland lives on.{{Categories}}

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