American Film Magazine

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American Film is a film and entertainment magazine originating from the United States. The publication, which was initially released on a monthly basis, was founded in 1975 by the American Film Institute (AFI). The last print issue was produced in 1992, marking a significant period in the magazine's history.

The magazine earned a reputation for its focus on analysis and deconstructionist criticism, offering content in a format similar to Film Comment magazine. This intellectual approach provided readers with in-depth insights into the world of cinema, making American Film a cherished resource for film aficionados.

In April 2012, the AFI undertook the task of reviving American Film, launching it as a monthly digital edition. This move marked the magazine's transition from traditional print to the digital medium, adapting to the evolving landscape of media consumption while continuing to provide its audience with high-quality film criticism and analysis.

The magazine maintains an online presence through its website, serving as a platform for its digital edition and continuing the legacy of American Film into the modern era of digital publishing.{{Categories}}

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