American Machinist

American Machinist is a comprehensive technical magazine serving the metalworking industry, particularly in the United States. The magazine was first published in May 1877 by John A. Hill and Henry Haven Windsor, making it one of the oldest American magazines still in publication. The headquarters of American Machinist is located in New York City.Image:american-machinist-sample-cover.jpeg

Published by Informa Markets, the magazine is headed by Editor-in-Chief Bruce Vernyi. American Machinist has a robust circulation, reaching approximately 100,000 readers per issue. The magazine is a monthly publication, and in addition to its print offerings, it publishes a daily newsletter and maintains an active website.

American Machinist is more than a magazine—it is a multi-platform media brand. Beyond its print and digital editions, the brand extends to other platforms, including social media, webinars, and sponsored content. The magazine's content is deeply focused on the metalworking industry, with a focus on operational efficiency, productivity, metalworking, and materials science. Its goal is to provide its audience with insights, analysis, and editorial opinions on the industry.

Each year, American Machinist hosts the End User Event, a major industry conference. This event is a testament to the magazine's influence and prestige in the metalworking industry. Despite extensive research, there is limited information available on the specific historical milestones and significant developments of the magazine since its inception.

Please note that this description is based on the information available as of my last training cut-off in September 2021 and subsequent online research. For the most current details, please refer to the latest sources.{{Categories}}

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