American Seedsman

Here is the information I found about the American Seedsman magazine:Image:american-seedsman-sample-cover

American Seedsman was a monthly agricultural magazine founded in 1919 and based at 332 South LaSalle Street in Chicago, Illinois. Its primary focus was on the growing and harvesting of seeds, making it a valuable resource for those in the agriculture industry. In 1920, it had a print circulation of around three thousand.

The magazine saw a change in its editorial staff in 1920. Newton C. Evans, its former editor, transitioned to the role of managing editor, with John J. Garland succeeding him as editor. Garland joined the publication from the Holmes–Letherman Seed Company in Canton, Ohio, where he had been treasurer.

Despite extensive research, I wasn't able to find further information on the history of the American Seedsman magazine, including its later history and whether it is still being published today. I apologize for this, as I understand that a more complete history would have been useful. However, the information I found should provide a good starting point for understanding the magazine's early years and its role in the American agriculture industry.{{Categories}}

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