American Thunder

American Thunder (Magazine)Image:american-thunder-sample-cover

American Thunder was a pioneering publication in the arena of independently produced mass-market print magazines, with a particular focus on NASCAR racing. It began circulation in March 2004 and concluded in October of the same year. The magazine's headquarters were located in San Francisco, California.

Lucas Mast, the creator of American Thunder, launched the magazine in 2004 with initial financial backing from Peter Thiel. Thiel, known for his substantial earnings from the sale of his online payments company, PayPal, to its competitor, eBay, was an acquaintance of Mast through The Stanford Review. Both Mast and Thiel were graduates of Stanford University, with Mast contributing as a writer and Thiel as the founder of The Stanford Review.

Recognizing the potential of the burgeoning and largely underserved market of NASCAR fans, they initiated American Thunder. The magazine saw rapid success, amassing 185,000 subscribers in a short span of time. However, it faced an untimely closure when the funding for the magazine dried up.{{Categories}}

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