AmericanStyle Magazine

AmericanStyle was a quarterly cultural tourism magazine published by the Rosen Group from 1994 till 2012, with 82 issues released over the 28-year period. The magazine was conceived by Wendy Rosen, the founder of the Rosen Group, and was operated from the company's office in the historic Mill Centre in Baltimore, Maryland. americanstyle-magazine-sample-cover AmericanStyle distinguished itself as the first cultural tourism magazine in America. It offered readers a wealth of cultural travel information and feature stories on collecting contemporary fine arts and crafts. In addition, it provided insights into the creators of these works and trends in art collection.

Each issue of AmericanStyle was a treasure trove of tips and advice on art collection, home decoration, interior design, and display concepts. It featured designer jewelry and fashion, art glass, teapots, art furniture, and functional and sculptural ceramics. Moreover, it showcased portfolios of craftspeople and artists from various cities across America.

The magazine underscored the cultural and economic importance of handmade objects and the significance of contributions made by craftspeople and artists to local neighborhoods and urban revitalization efforts. The readership enjoyed updates on over 200 gallery exhibitions, art festivals, and museum events in their datebook section. Also, it included exclusive features on artists’ lifestyles, homes of art collectors, and local art tours in different cities to promote their touristic potential.

AmericanStyle was noted for its annual “Top 25 Arts Destinations” edition. Cities held local and online competitions for inclusion in this coveted list, the results of which were based on readers' polling. In 2012, the magazine's quarterly publication had a circulation of about 65,000 copies.

The recognition from AmericanStyle was highly sought after by the selected destinations. They acknowledged and promoted these inclusions in their tourism's promotional marketing material and campaigns.

Following the growth recession from 2007 to 2009 in America, AmericanStyle faced difficulties in generating and maintaining advertising revenue from art galleries struggling in the wake of the recession. As a result, the magazine closed after its 2012's Fall Arts Preview edition.

The legacy of AmericanStyle magazine extends beyond its print life. The articles and features from the magazine have been used as citations in journals, such as Sociation Today, and books including Outside the Center/On the Edge by Lisa Austrin, published in 2005 by Bucknell University, and The Guild Sourcebook of Architectural and Interior Art, published in 2007. The magazine has also been referred to in books about local cultures and cities, including the 2010-2011 Arlington/Fairfax Counties Real Estate Guide, Northport, American Advance: Westward from the French and Indian War, and Sustainable Communities: Creating a Durable Local Economy.{{Categories}}

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