Armchair General

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Armchair General was an American military history magazine that was established in 2003 and first published in February 2004. Published by the Weider History Group, the magazine was circulated bi-monthly until its final issue in May 2015. The magazine’s headquarters was located in Thousands Oaks, California.

Armchair General featured a variety of content focused on military history and warfare. It included tactical situations which could be resolved by readers sending solutions to the magazine's staff. Modern warfare was also discussed in the form of "dispatches", or news briefs, as well as movie, video game, and war game reviews. The magazine was well-regarded for its in-depth coverage and unique reader engagement model, earning a spot as number 25 on the Chicago Tribune's list of "Best 50 Magazines" in June 2005.

Though the print publication of Armchair General ceased in 2015, the magazine’s website continued to provide complementary material and feature its own articles. Many of these online articles were written by readers of the print magazine and members of the site's online forum community, further fostering a sense of community among its audience.{{Categories}}

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