Artrocker is a prominent music magazine that focuses on alternative music and underground music scenes. Known for its dedication to supporting emerging artists and groundbreaking sounds, the magazine has been a pivotal platform in the music industry.Image:artrocker-sample-cover

Origins and Early Years

Artrocker was founded in 2005 in the United Kingdom by Howard Monk and Stu Fowkes. The magazine originated as a print publication, aiming to provide a voice for alternative music genres that were often overlooked by mainstream media. It quickly gained a following within the independent music community.

Content and Format

Artrocker magazine covers a wide range of topics within the alternative music realm. Its content includes interviews, reviews, features, and editorial pieces on various genres such as indie rock, punk, garage, post-punk, and experimental music. The magazine also incorporates coverage of live music events, festivals, and showcases for emerging artists.

The Artrocker Club

In addition to the print publication, Artrocker launched a music club known as The Artrocker Club. The club promotes and showcases live performances by emerging and established alternative artists. The events organized by The Artrocker Club have become a significant platform for discovering new talent and experiencing live music in an intimate setting.

Recognition and Influence

Artrocker magazine has been recognized for its influence in the alternative music scene. It has supported and championed numerous artists who have gone on to achieve commercial success. Many notable musicians and bands have been featured in the magazine, helping to propel their careers and increase their exposure to a wider audience.

Online Presence

In response to the digital age, Artrocker expanded its presence online with the establishment of its website. The website features articles, reviews, and exclusive content in addition to the print publication. The online platform allows for broader accessibility and engagement with the magazine's content.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Artrocker has collaborated with various music industry entities, including record labels, promoters, and venues. These partnerships have enabled the magazine to provide exclusive content, access to live performances, and unique opportunities for its readers.

International Scope

While primarily focused on the British alternative music scene, Artrocker has gained international recognition and readership. Its coverage has extended to artists and events worldwide, reflecting the global reach and impact of alternative music.{{Categories}}

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