Baily's Monthly Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, and Racing Register

Baily's Monthly Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, and Racing Register, commonly known as "Baily's Magazine," was a renowned publication in the 19th and early 20th centuries focusing on sports, pastimes, and horse racing.Image:bailys-monthly-magazine-of-sports-and-pastimes-and-racing-register-sample-cover

Origins and Publication History

Baily's Magazine was first published in London, England, in 1860. It was named after its founder, Frederick Baily, a prominent publisher and enthusiast of equestrian sports and horse racing. The magazine continued its publication until 1900.

Content and Features

Baily's Monthly Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, and Racing Register covered a wide range of sporting topics, with a strong emphasis on horse racing. The publication featured articles on various equestrian disciplines, including flat racing, steeplechase, trotting, and breeding. In addition to horse racing, Baily's Magazine also covered other popular sports and pastimes of the era, such as hunting, shooting, fishing, and athletics.

Racing Register

A significant component of Baily's Magazine was the Racing Register, a comprehensive record of racehorse pedigrees and performances. It provided valuable information for breeders, owners, and racing enthusiasts, contributing to the development and improvement of the horse racing industry.

Contributions and Illustrations

Baily's Magazine boasted contributions from well-known writers, experts, and sporting personalities. Notable authors and journalists, such as Edward Spencer and William Day, wrote articles and reports for the magazine, offering insightful analysis and commentary on various sporting events. The publication also featured illustrations and engravings, capturing the excitement and beauty of sports and horse racing.

Circulation and Influence

Baily's Magazine enjoyed a wide readership and played a significant role in shaping the sporting landscape of the time. Its captivating content and comprehensive reporting made it a favored publication among sports enthusiasts, professionals, and those interested in the equestrian world.


After nearly four decades of publication, Baily's Monthly Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, and Racing Register ceased publication in 1900. However, its legacy and influence endured, providing a valuable historical record of the sporting and horse racing activities of the period.


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