Bare magazine was a publication that gained prominence in the late 20th century for its unique approach to artistic nudity and the celebration of the human form.Image:bare-sample-cover

Origins and Publication History

Bare magazine was first published in France in 1979. It was founded by Jean-Fran├žois Bizot, a prominent French journalist and radio broadcaster. The magazine gained a reputation for its avant-garde content and its focus on unconventional beauty and artistic nudity.

Content and Features

Bare magazine aimed to challenge societal norms and taboos surrounding nudity by presenting it in an artistic and thought-provoking manner. The publication featured high-quality photography and artistic renditions of the human body, showcasing diverse forms and expressions of beauty.

In addition to the visual aspects, Bare also included interviews, features, and articles that explored themes such as body positivity, sexuality, and the intersection of art and nudity. The magazine sought to promote a more enlightened and open-minded perspective towards the human form.

Influence and Controversies

Bare magazine had a significant impact on the world of art and photography during its publication. It played a role in shaping the perception and acceptance of nudity as a legitimate form of artistic expression. The magazine's innovative approach inspired many photographers and artists, contributing to the evolution of artistic nude photography.

However, due to the explicit nature of its content, Bare also faced controversies and legal challenges in certain regions. Issues of obscenity and morality were raised, leading to bans and restrictions on the distribution of the magazine in some countries.

Legacy and Discontinuation

Bare magazine enjoyed a dedicated following and had a lasting influence on the artistic community. However, the publication faced financial difficulties in the early 2000s and eventually ceased publication in 2009. Despite its discontinuation, the magazine left a lasting impact on the exploration and appreciation of nudity as art.


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