Belt Pulley

Belt Pulley was a U.S.-based periodical that dedicated itself to the niche of antique farm tractors across all brands and makes. For over two decades, it thrived as one of the most well-regarded titles in this unique category. Run initially by the Aumann family, and later by the Elmore family, this publication was a testament to the enduring passion for the preservation and appreciation of agrarian history.Image:belt-pulley-sample-cover

The magazine was not only a business venture but also a family affair, showcasing the concerted efforts of these families in nurturing a shared interest in the historical and mechanical facets of farming machinery. This focus on familial involvement imbued Belt Pulley with a distinct character, setting it apart in the landscape of niche publications.

In 2009, a change of hands saw the magazine sold to a new proprietor. This ushered in a new era and a new identity, as the magazine was rechristened as Vintage Tractor Digest. This marked the end of Belt Pulley’s journey, but its legacy in celebrating and documenting the history of antique farm tractors continues to inspire enthusiasts to this day.{{Categories}}

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