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Berg's Review of Games, colloquially known as BROG, was a publication birthed from the creative mind of game designer Richard Berg. The magazine, which graced the world with its presence starting from the year 1991, was a testament to the designer's passion for games, offering its readership insightful reviews of video wargames and board wargames alike.

The publication's origins can be traced back to 1980, when Richard Berg, then plying his trade as a game designer for Simulations Publications Inc. (SPI), began crafting and curating reviews of wargames. These reviews were disseminated by SPI in the form of Richard Berg's Review of Games. What started as a modest two-page mimeographed newsletter published twice a month for 25 issues eventually found a place in the pages of SPI's Strategy & Tactics until late 1985.

In the autumn of 1991, Berg undertook the role of editor for a self-published fanzine, the eponymously titled Berg's Review of Games, or BROG. To distinguish this new venture from his previous one, Berg appended "Vol. 2" to the issue number of the magazine. BROG was published six times a year, its journey ending with Issue 28.

In his original Richard Berg's Review of Games, Berg had initiated a humorous annual feature titled the “Little Mac Awards” in honor of the not-so-illustrious American Civil War general, George McClellan. These awards were given for dubious achievements in the realm of gaming. Continuing this tradition in Issue #2 of BROG, Berg distributed "Little Macs" to various companies and industry personalities as a playful rebuke for perceived errors and injustices.

Throughout its existence, Berg's Review of Games was met with considerable acclaim. It was bestowed the title of Best Amateur Adventure Gaming Magazine at the Origins Awards on three separate occasions: in 1992, 1993, and 1995. After its cessation, the publication's legacy lived on, as it was posthumously inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design's Hall of Fame in 1997. Despite its eventual end, Berg's Review of Games left an indelible mark on the gaming industry, serving as a testament to the importance of critique and analysis in the world of wargames.{{Categories}}

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