Black Inches

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Black Inches was a US-based monthly gay pornographic magazine that featured African-American men. The magazine was established in 1993 by publisher Tony DeStefano under the company Mavety Media Group Ltd., based in New York City. The final issue of Black Inches was published in 2009, making its run approximately 16 years long. The magazine was published in English and had the ISSN number 1084-2462.

The magazine's content was sourced from various places. Some images were obtained from companies that produce gay pornographic films, although most layouts depicted individual men rather than simulated action scenes. Notable photographers whose work appeared in Black Inches include Anneli Adolfsson, Ken Kavanagh, Brian Lantelme, and Abednego, who was formerly associated with The magazine also carried film reviews, erotic stories, cartoons, and advertisements.

The influence of Black Inches extended beyond its pages, playing a significant role in gay culture. It was mentioned in various novels, including D. J. Murphy's Sons Like Me, where it was referenced in the very first lines, as well as John Weir's What I Did Wrong and Jim Norton's Happy Ending. Black Inches also played a pivotal role in the careers of many gay black porn stars. It featured every major figure in the field in photo shoots and interviews, from Bobby Blake and Tyson Cane to Tiger Tyson, J. C. Carter, and T-Malone. For example, Bobby Blake spoke of his relationship with the magazine, stating, “Black Inches was always very supportive of me. They reviewed every film I made, did photo-shoots, interviewed me, and gave me my own column.”

In popular culture, Black Inches was also referenced in various forms of media. In the webcomic Homestuck, the character Clubs Deuce carries a copy of the magazine, humorously reimagined as being about licorice rather than human pornography. In the adventure game Problem Sleuth, the character Pickle Inspector finds a copy of Black Inches on a table alongside a fictional gay pornographic magazine called Hunk Rump.{{Categories}}

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