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Bluff was a distinguished American periodical dedicated to the game of poker. The magazine was an exemplar in its domain, and its illustrious journey began as a bimonthly publication in October 2004. In less than a year, the magazine evolved into a monthly publication by August 2005. With its pages adorned by the captivating world of poker, Bluff became an integral part of the poker enthusiast’s collection, ultimately reaching an impressive circulation of 250,000 copies nationwide. Of these, 191,000 copies graced newsstands, while the remainder was disseminated through events, select locations, and subscriptions. The magazine achieved the status of being America’s largest poker magazine, catering to an audience eager to keep abreast with the dynamic and thrilling poker lifestyle.Image:bluff-sample-cover

One of Bluff’s noteworthy accomplishments was the acquisition of, an online tournament database, in December 2006. This acquisition expanded Bluff’s foray into the digital realm. The magazine, in its pages, annually bestowed honors upon the influential figures in the poker industry through its “Poker Power 20”, highlighting the 20 most eminent personalities.

Bluff’s success was not confined to the United States; it transcended borders with separate editions being published for Europe, Latin America, South Africa, and Australasia. In particular, the Southern African edition, known as Bluff Magazine South Africa, was published by Maverick Publishing Corp. on a monthly basis and focused predominantly on the poker industry in Southern Africa. Bluff continued to be a treasure trove of information and entertainment for poker aficionados until its production was regrettably ceased in February 2015.

In 2012, Bluff Media was acquired by Churchill Downs, a signifier of the magazine’s significance in the industry.

Though no longer in production, Bluff magazine remains an iconic name in the world of poker, its pages having been a testament to the game’s rich history, influential personalities, and the unwavering excitement that is synonymous with poker.{{Categories}}

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