Blunt was an American publication that galvanized the snowboarding community during the 1990s. The magazine was brought into existence in the year 1993 under the aegis of Ken Block, who is renowned as the founder. The initial publishing of Blunt Snowboard Magazine was carried out by DC Shoes, and it predominantly featured advertisements tailored for burgeoning, small, and independent companies. Image:blunt-sample-cover

As a publication devoted to snowboarding, Blunt Snowboard Magazine played a significant role in the snowboarding culture of the 1990s. The magazine’s emphasis on nascent companies and independent ventures demonstrated a commitment to fostering innovation and creativity within the snowboarding industry.

Unfortunately, as of the time of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Blunt Snowboard Magazine is no longer in publication. It holds a place in the annals of snowboarding history as an early pioneer in snowboarding media, capturing the essence and evolution of the sport during a time of rapid growth and transformation.

Blunt Snowboard Magazine’s legacy as an early chronicler and promoter of snowboarding culture continues to be celebrated by enthusiasts and historians of the sport.{{Categories}}

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