Books & Culture

Books & Culture was a bimonthly American publication that was an eminent voice in the world of literature and intellectual engagement. Founded in 1995 by John Wilson, who remained as editor until the magazine's cessation, Books & Culture was an affiliate of Christianity Today. The magazine's mission was to engage in erudite discourse and provide discerning criticism of literature and culture through the lens of Christian thought.Image:books-and-culture-sample-cover

In its nascent stage, Books & Culture was a refuge for literary and intellectual Christians who longed for a publication that transcended denominational boundaries and grappled with broader cultural and societal themes. The magazine carved a niche for itself as a unique platform for Christian scholars, writers, and readers to discuss literature, history, art, and current affairs.

The bimonthly issues of Books & Culture were replete with reviews of books from an array of genres, essays on historical and contemporary issues, poetry, and visual arts. It ardently endeavored to foster an understanding of the interplay between Christian thought and culture. The articles, penned by eminent scholars and critics, were characterized by rigorous analysis, eloquence, and incisive wit.

Despite its association with Christianity Today, Books & Culture prided itself on editorial independence. It assiduously avoided dogmatism and eschewed partisan politics. The ethos of the publication was an amalgamation of intellectual curiosity, cultural engagement, and Christian faith. It was a beacon for those who sought to navigate the confluence of faith and intellect without relinquishing either.

Throughout its lifespan, Books & Culture garnered accolades and was held in high regard by both Christian and secular readerships. It was lauded for its incisive criticism, intellectual depth, and commitment to ecumenical dialogue.

The announcement of Books & Culture’s termination was made in 2016, citing financial difficulties. Its lamented departure left an intellectual void in Christian literary circles.

In summary, Books & Culture was not merely a magazine; it was an intellectual odyssey that epitomized the confluence of faith, literature, and culture. Its pages were suffused with erudition, insight, and a fervent quest for understanding. The legacy of Books & Culture continues to resonate with all who cherish the pursuit of knowledge and the enrichment of the human spirit.{{Categories}}

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