Camera Owner

Camera Owner was a defunct photography magazine that was published in the United Kingdom. It was first introduced to readers in 1985, covering a wide range of topics related to photography. The magazine became popular among camera enthusiasts and professional photographers for its informative content and high-quality imagery.Image:camera-owner-sample-cover

Content and Features

Camera Owner provided readers with practical advice, insights, and techniques to enhance their photographic skills. The magazine featured articles on various photography genres, including landscape, portrait, wildlife, and macro photography. It offered tips on composition, lighting, exposure, and post-processing, helping photographers capture visually stunning images.

In addition, Camera Owner showcased the work of readers by featuring their photographs in the magazine. This provided a platform for aspiring photographers to gain recognition and feedback on their work. The magazine also conducted interviews with renowned photographers, sharing their experiences and creative insights with readers.

Camera Owner regularly reviewed the latest camera models, lenses, and accessories, providing in-depth analysis and comparisons to assist photographers in making informed purchasing decisions. The magazine aimed to keep readers updated on the latest advancements in camera technology.


Despite its initial success, Camera Owner faced challenges in the evolving digital landscape. As more photographers turned to online platforms and social media for photography-related content, the demand for traditional print magazines waned. This shift in consumer preference eventually led to the discontinuation of Camera Owner.

The magazine ceased publication in 2002, marking the end of its existence. While it may no longer be in circulation, Camera Owner left a legacy among photography enthusiasts who appreciated its informative articles and dedication to the craft.{{Categories}}

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