Cats Magazine

Cats Magazine, published by PRIMEDIA Special Interest Group, was a notable publication dedicated to the world of cats and feline enthusiasts.

Establishment and Focus

Cats Magazine was established to cater to the interests of cat owners, breeders, and feline enthusiasts. The magazine aimed to provide readers with informative and engaging content related to cat health, behavior, training, breed profiles, and general care.

Content and Features

The magazine featured a wide range of articles covering various aspects of cat ownership and care. It provided readers with insights into cat nutrition, grooming, behavior management, and veterinary care. Cats Magazine also offered breed profiles, showcasing different cat breeds and their characteristics, helping readers make informed decisions when choosing a cat.

Expert Contributors and Advice

Cats Magazine enlisted the expertise of renowned veterinarians, cat behaviorists, breeders, and other professionals in the feline industry to provide readers with expert advice and guidance. The magazine aimed to address common concerns and challenges faced by cat owners, offering practical solutions and tips.

Showcasing Feline Beauty

The magazine dedicated sections to showcase the beauty and elegance of various cat breeds. It featured stunning photography, highlighting the unique features and characteristics of different breeds. Cats Magazine also covered cat shows and competitions, providing readers with insights into the world of cat exhibitions.

Community and Reader Contributions

Cats Magazine fostered a sense of community among its readers. The magazine encouraged readers to share their experiences, stories, and photographs of their beloved cats. It also published reader-submitted articles and letters, allowing cat enthusiasts to connect and share their passion for feline companionship.

Cats Magazine primarily existed in print form, offering readers a tangible publication that they could collect and refer to. The magazine featured high-quality printing, vibrant images, and engaging layouts, enhancing the overall reading experience for cat lovers.


While the specific details of Cats Magazine's discontinuation are unavailable, its legacy lives on in the collective knowledge and experiences it shared with cat owners and enthusiasts. The magazine played a significant role in providing valuable information and fostering a community centered around the love and care of cats.{{Categories}}

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