Cheeky Weekly

Cheeky Weekly magazine was a British comic publication that catered to children and young readers during its run in the 1970s. It featured a mix of comic strips, puzzles, and games, providing entertainment and engaging content for its target audience.Image:cheeky-weekly-sample-cover

Origins and Publication History

Originally known as "Kiddie Cheats" in the planning stages, Cheeky Weekly was launched in 1977 by IPC Magazines Ltd., a prominent publisher in the United Kingdom. The magazine aimed to capitalize on the popularity of comics and create a publication specifically tailored for young readers.

Content and Features

Cheeky Weekly offered a diverse range of content to cater to its target audience. Some prominent features include:

Characters and Artists

Cheeky Weekly introduced readers to beloved characters, some of which became synonymous with the magazine. The creative talent behind the comic strips included artists and writers such as Ian Mennell, Tony Harding, Mike Lacey, and Martin Aitchison.

Popularity and Impact

During its run, Cheeky Weekly gained popularity among the target demographic of children and young readers. Its engaging content and relatable characters made it a sought-after publication and a staple in many households.


Cheeky Weekly left a lasting impact on the British comic industry and the readers who enjoyed its content during the 1970s. While the publication eventually ceased after a successful run, its influence on subsequent comic magazines and its place in the hearts of its readers remains significant.

As the world of publishing continues to evolve, Cheeky Weekly stands as a nostalgic reminder of a bygone era, when comics served as a gateway to imagination and adventure for the young audience of the time.{{Categories}}

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