Child was a renowned American publication focused on parenting and child development.

Origins and Purpose

The magazine was founded in 1986 by Robin Wolaner and Stephen Swid, with the goal of providing parents with valuable information and resources to navigate the challenges and joys of raising children. Child aimed to offer expert advice, practical tips, and insightful articles to support parents in their journey.

Content and Features

Child covered a wide range of topics related to parenting, child health, education, and family lifestyle. The magazine featured articles written by experts in various fields, including pediatricians, psychologists, educators, and child development specialists. It provided valuable insights into child psychology, behavior management, nutrition, and other aspects of child-rearing.

Notable Sections and Columns

Throughout its publication history, Child introduced several notable sections and columns that became popular among its readers. These included "Ask Dr. Sears," where renowned pediatrician Dr. William Sears answered readers' questions, and "Family Fun," which provided creative ideas for family activities and outings.

Awards and Recognition

Child received numerous awards and accolades for its high-quality content and exceptional journalism. It was recognized for its outstanding reporting on issues related to child health, education, and parenting. The magazine's commitment to providing reliable and trustworthy information made it a valuable resource for parents across the country.

Digital Transformation and End of Publication

With the rise of digital media and changing readership preferences, Child faced challenges in adapting to the evolving landscape. In 2007, the magazine transitioned from a print publication to an online-only platform. However, due to various factors, Child ceased publication in 2009.


Child Magazine played a significant role in the world of parenting and child-focused publications. It provided a trusted source of information and support for parents, offering insights and guidance during the crucial stages of child development. Though no longer in circulation, Child remains a notable part of the history of parenting magazines in the United States.{{Categories}}

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