Cinefantastique, known for its in-depth coverage of science fiction, fantasy, and horror films, was a renowned publication that provided comprehensive analysis and reviews of genre cinema.

Origins and Publication History

The magazine was first published in 1970 by publisher Frederick S. Clarke and editor-in-chief Frederick S. Clarke Jr. Cinefantastique Magazine quickly gained recognition for its authoritative and insightful coverage of films within the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.

Content and Features

Cinefantastique Magazine featured in-depth articles, interviews, and reviews that explored various aspects of genre cinema. The publication provided detailed analysis of film production, special effects, screenplays, and performances, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of the creative processes behind their favorite movies.

Coverage of Genres

The magazine had a specific focus on science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. It covered a wide range of films, including blockbusters, independent productions, and foreign language films. Cinefantastique Magazine delved into the history, themes, and cultural impact of these genres, catering to the interests of avid fans and film enthusiasts.

Special Issues and Interviews

Cinefantastique Magazine published special issues dedicated to specific films, directors, or franchises. These issues provided extensive coverage, including behind-the-scenes information, directorial insights, and cast interviews. The magazine's interviews with filmmakers and actors offered readers an intimate look into the creative minds behind their favorite genre films.

Influence and Legacy

Cinefantastique Magazine played a significant role in shaping the discourse around science fiction, fantasy, and horror cinema. Its in-depth analysis and critical approach elevated the discussion of genre films, influencing both fans and industry professionals. The magazine remains a valuable resource for those interested in the history and development of these genres.


Cinefantastique Magazine was a respected publication that provided comprehensive coverage and analysis of science fiction, fantasy, and horror films. Its insightful articles, interviews, and reviews contributed to the understanding and appreciation of genre cinema among readers. Though the magazine is no longer in publication, its impact on the discourse surrounding these genres continues to be felt.{{Categories}}

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