Cinefex - № 9

Cinefex is a quarterly magazine devoted to the field of visual effects and computer-generated imagery in filmmaking. Issue 9, published in July 1982, featured an in-depth look at the visual effects created for Ridley Scott's 1982 sci-fi film Blade Runner.


Key Effects Elements

Element Description
Tyrell Corporation Pyramids 9ft and 5ft miniatures with intricate lighting and smoke effects.
Hades Landscape Forced perspective miniature with interactive flames and lighting.
Cityscape Miniatures 1in to 1ft scale buildings dressed with thousands of lights and signs.
Spinner Vehicles Detailed miniatures from 1in to 4ft long, with articulated parts.
Advertising Blimp Internally lit 3ft long airship with screens and fiber optics.
Matte Paintings 15 major paintings extended city vistas and connected live action to miniatures.

Notable Techniques

Impact on Blade Runner

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