Cinema X

Cinema X was a popular French film magazine, widely recognized for its comprehensive coverage of the film industry. Founded in 1965 by Jean-Luc Rivard, the magazine became a prominent source of information and analysis for cinephiles.Image:cinema-x-sample-cover

History and Description

Cinema X, known as Cinéma X in French, was established in 1965. Headquartered in Paris, France, the magazine gained a reputation for its in-depth reporting, interviews, and analysis of both French and international cinema.

Content and Features

The magazine covered a wide range of topics related to the film industry and offered various regular features, including:

Film Reviews and Analysis

Cinema X provided critical and analytical reviews of the latest films, covering different genres and national cinemas. Its thorough analysis and insightful commentary helped readers understand and appreciate the artistic merits of various movies.

Filmmaker Profiles and Interviews

The magazine dedicated space to interviews with prominent directors, actors, and other key figures in the film industry. These interviews offered readers a glimpse into the creative processes, challenges, and inspirations of the industry's leading talents.

Festival Coverage

Cinema X extensively covered major film festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, and Berlin International Film Festival. It reported on the films showcased, awards, and noteworthy moments from these prestigious events.

The magazine kept readers informed about the latest developments in the film industry, including new releases, box office performances, industry trends, and technological advancements. It served as a reliable source of information for film professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Essays and Special Features

Cinema X featured thought-provoking essays, retrospectives, and special articles on specific films, genres, or themes. These articles provided deeper insights and context to enhance readers' understanding of cinema's historical and cultural significance.

Cinematography and Design

Known for its visually appealing layout and design, Cinema X showcased captivating film stills, behind-the-scenes photographs, and iconic movie posters. Its aesthetic presentation added to its appeal and contributed to the overall reading experience.


Cinema X played a significant role in promoting and supporting the French and international film industry. It helped shape critical discourse, introduced new filmmakers and films to audiences, and fostered a deeper appreciation for cinema as an art form.{{Categories}}

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