City Limits

City Limits was a prominent London-based weekly magazine focusing on arts, culture, and urban issues. It was published from 1981 to 1993.Image:city-limits-sample-cover

History and Description

City Limits, known by the same name in English, was first published in 1981 in London, England. The magazine aimed to provide insightful coverage of various aspects of city life, including arts, music, theater, film, literature, and social issues.

Content and Features

City Limits featured a range of articles, interviews, reviews, and opinion pieces, offering in-depth analysis and thought-provoking discussions on cultural topics and urban affairs. The magazine covered a wide range of subjects, including:

Arts and Culture

City Limits provided comprehensive coverage of London's vibrant arts and cultural scene. The magazine featured reviews of art exhibitions, theater performances, film releases, and literary works. It aimed to promote artistic events and facilitate engagement between artists and audiences.

Music and Entertainment

The magazine dedicated considerable space to music and entertainment, showcasing emerging talent, reviewing live performances, and providing critical analysis of albums and singles across various genres. City Limits aimed to be a trusted source for music enthusiasts seeking new discoveries and in-depth insights.

Urban Issues and Social Commentary

City Limits tackled urban issues and social concerns, aiming to provoke public discourse and create awareness about the challenges faced by cities and their inhabitants. The magazine covered topics such as housing, transportation, gentrification, and community activism, offering perspectives from experts and affected communities.


City Limits had a significant influence on the cultural and urban landscape of London during its publication period. The magazine played an important role in promoting local artists and cultural events, shaping public opinion on social issues, and fostering a sense of community engagement. It provided a platform for critical discussions and contributed to the dialogue surrounding city life in London.{{Categories}}

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