Comics Scene

Comics Scene is a magazine published by the Starlog Group, focusing on the world of comic books, graphic novels, and related media.

Origins and History

Comics Scene was first published in 1982 by the Starlog Group, a company known for its publications covering various aspects of popular culture. The magazine aimed to provide a comprehensive look into the world of comic books, showcasing interviews, articles, and features on both mainstream and independent creators.

Content and Focus

The magazine covers a wide range of topics within the realm of comic books and graphic novels. Comics Scene features in-depth interviews with industry professionals, including writers, artists, editors, and publishers. It also provides insights into the creative process, industry news, and reviews of the latest comic book releases.

Influence and Impact

Comics Scene has played a significant role in showcasing the diversity and creativity within the comic book industry. Its coverage of both mainstream and independent works has helped to promote and elevate the medium, providing a platform for creators to reach a wider audience.

Awards and Recognition

Throughout its publication history, Comics Scene has received acclaim and recognition for its contributions to the field of comic book journalism. The magazine has been praised for its comprehensive coverage, insightful interviews, and high-quality writing.

Initially published as a print magazine, Comics Scene has adapted to the digital age by expanding its online presence. The magazine maintains an active website that features additional content, including exclusive interviews, articles, and reviews that complement its print edition.{{Categories}}

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