Computer Gaming World

Computer Gaming World was a prominent magazine in the gaming industry, known for its comprehensive coverage and analysis of computer games.

Origins and History

Computer Gaming World, also known as CGW, was a monthly publication that originally started as a spin-off of Strategy & Tactics magazine in 1981. The magazine focused on computer games, catering to a growing audience of gaming enthusiasts.

Content and Focus

The magazine covered a wide range of computer games, including various genres such as action, role-playing, strategy, simulation, and more. It provided in-depth reviews, previews, and analysis of games, along with articles discussing industry trends, interviews with developers, and features on gaming hardware and technology.

Format and Accessibility

Initially published in a print format, Computer Gaming World featured a visually appealing layout with high-quality screenshots and artwork. Readers had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of gaming through the magazine's detailed coverage.

Expert Contributors and Editorial Team

The magazine boasted a team of experienced game journalists and industry professionals who contributed their expertise to the publication. These experts ensured that the reviews and articles were unbiased, accurate, and provided valuable insights to readers.

Readership and Impact

Computer Gaming World gained a significant following among gamers, developers, and industry insiders. The magazine's comprehensive coverage and reliable reviews influenced readers' purchasing decisions and helped shape the gaming landscape.

Transition to Digital Media

As technology advanced, Computer Gaming World adapted to the changing media landscape. The magazine transitioned from print to digital, offering online editions and web-exclusive content to reach a wider audience.

Legacy and Cessation

After a successful run of over two decades, Computer Gaming World ceased publication in 2006. The magazine left a lasting impact on the gaming community, earning a reputation for its insightful coverage and analysis of computer games.{{Categories}}

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