COMPUTE!'s Gazette

COMPUTE!'s Gazette was a popular publication in the field of home computer technology, providing a platform for readers to contribute and exchange type-in programs.

Origins and History

COMPUTE!'s Gazette Magazine was a spin-off publication of Compute! Magazine, which was launched in 1979. The magazine was first published in 1983 as a way to showcase the creativity and programming skills of readers.

Content and Focus

Gazette primarily featured type-in programs contributed by both readers and the magazine's staff. These programs covered a wide range of applications, including games, utilities, educational tools, and more. The magazine aimed to provide readers with practical resources that they could directly use on their home computers.

Format and Accessibility

COMPUTE!'s Gazette Magazine was published in a traditional print format, which allowed readers to easily follow the instructions and type-in the programs. Each issue of the magazine included code listings, explanations, and accompanying articles to help readers understand and make the most of the programs.

Community and Interaction

One of the notable aspects of Gazette was its strong community focus. The magazine encouraged readers to contribute their own programs and engage with fellow enthusiasts through letters, feedback, and discussions. This sense of community fostered a collaborative and interactive environment among its readership.

Influence and Legacy

COMPUTE!'s Gazette Magazine played a significant role in nurturing the programming skills of home computer users. It provided a platform for hobbyists and enthusiasts to share and learn from each other, fostering creativity and innovation within the home computing community.

The magazine's focus on type-in programs also helped readers develop a deeper understanding of programming concepts and techniques, encouraging them to explore and experiment with their computers beyond pre-packaged software.

Gazette was published solely in print format, with no digital editions available. The magazine ceased publication in 1995, marking the end of its influential run in the home computer industry.{{Categories}}

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