Cosmic Stories

Cosmic Stories was a science fiction pulp magazine that was published in the United States from 1941 to 1943. It played a significant role in the development of science fiction literature during its brief existence.

Origins and History

Cosmic Stories Magazine was first published in 1941 by publisher Ned Pines, under his Standard Magazines imprint. The magazine was intended to capitalize on the growing popularity of science fiction and catered to fans of the genre.

Editorial Philosophy

The magazine had a clear editorial focus on publishing science fiction stories that explored imaginative concepts and futuristic themes. Cosmic Stories aimed to showcase the work of both established and emerging science fiction writers, contributing to the growth and recognition of the genre.

Content and Sections

Cosmic Stories featured a mix of short stories, novelettes, and serialized novels. The magazine published works from notable science fiction authors, including Raymond Z. Gallun, Eando Binder, and Henry Kuttner, among others. The stories covered a range of themes such as space exploration, time travel, and alien encounters.

Visual Appeal

The magazine's covers often featured vivid and eye-catching artwork, depicting scenes from the science fiction stories. Illustrators such as J. Allen St. John and Earle Bergey contributed to the visual appeal of Cosmic Stories, capturing the imagination of readers.

Impact and Influence

During its short publication run, Cosmic Stories Magazine played a significant role in shaping the science fiction genre. The magazine provided a platform for emerging writers, promoting the development of new ideas and narratives within the field.


Cosmic Stories Magazine ceased publication in 1943 after only 17 issues. The publication faced challenges during World War II due to paper shortages and declining sales. Despite its relatively short lifespan, the magazine left an impact on the science fiction community and contributed to the overall evolution of the genre.{{Categories}}

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