CosmoGirl was a popular international teen magazine that targeted young women aged 12 to 17. The magazine featured a variety of content including fashion, beauty, celebrities, and lifestyle topics.

Origins and History

Cosmogirl Magazine was first published in 1999 by Hearst Corporation. It was an offshoot of the iconic women's magazine, Cosmopolitan. The magazine aimed to provide a teenage audience with content that catered to their interests and concerns.

Editorial Philosophy

The magazine had a clear editorial focus on empowering young women by providing them with information and advice on various topics relevant to their lives. Cosmogirl sought to address issues such as self-esteem, relationships, career aspirations, and personal development.

Content and Sections

Cosmogirl covered a wide range of subjects, including fashion trends, beauty tips, health advice, and entertainment news. The magazine featured interviews with celebrities and profiles of inspiring individuals. It also included regular sections on relationships, school, and future career prospects.

Visual Appeal

The magazine's layout and design were visually appealing, featuring vibrant colors and engaging imagery. Fashion spreads showcased the latest trends, and beauty editorials provided tips and tutorials for young readers.

International Editions

Cosmogirl Magazine had numerous international editions, including publications in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands. Each edition adapted its content to suit the local market and cultural preferences.


In 2008, Hearst Corporation announced the discontinuation of Cosmogirl Magazine due to changing market conditions and the rise of digital media. The final issue was published in December 2008. Although the print publication ceased, the brand continued to exist in digital formats for some time.{{Categories}}

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