Country Gentleman

Country Gentleman was a popular American agricultural magazine that provided informative content on farming, rural living, and outdoor activities.

Origins and History

Country Gentleman Magazine was first published in 1831 by Luther Tucker in Albany, New York. Originally named The Cultivator, the magazine focused on agricultural topics and catered to farmers and rural residents. In 1852, it was renamed The Country Gentleman and expanded its content to include articles on rural lifestyle, machinery, and general interest topics.

Editorial Philosophy

The magazine had a clear editorial focus on providing practical information and advice to farmers and rural dwellers. It aimed to address the challenges and interests of its readers, offering content on crop cultivation, livestock management, farm machinery, home economics, and rural community affairs.

Content and Sections

Country Gentleman covered a wide range of subjects related to agriculture and rural living. The magazine featured articles on crop production, livestock breeding, farm management techniques, and agricultural innovations. It also included sections on home and family, rural crafts, hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreational activities.

Visual Appeal

The magazine's layout and design were straightforward and focused on delivering information in a clear and accessible manner. Photographs and illustrations were used to enhance articles and provide visual examples of farming practices and rural landscapes.

Influence and Readership

Country Gentleman Magazine gained a loyal readership among farmers, rural residents, and individuals interested in agriculture. It became a trusted source of information and guidance for those involved in the agricultural industry. The magazine played a significant role in disseminating knowledge and promoting best practices in farming and rural living.


In 1955, Country Gentleman Magazine merged with The Farm Journal, another agricultural publication, to form The Farm Journal and Country Gentleman. The new magazine continued to provide content on farming and rural living until it ceased publication in 1985.{{Categories}}

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