Country Journal

Country Journal was an American magazine that focused on rural living, agriculture, and traditional crafts.

Origins and History

Country Journal was first published in 1972 by PRIMEDIA Consumer Magazines & Internet Group, a media company based in the United States. The magazine was created to cater to a growing interest in rural lifestyle and self-sufficiency.

Editorial Philosophy

The magazine aimed to provide practical knowledge and inspiration to individuals interested in rural living. It featured articles on a wide range of topics, including organic farming, livestock management, gardening, homesteading, traditional crafts, and sustainable living.

Content and Sections

Country Journal covered various aspects of rural life, providing in-depth articles, tutorials, and advice. The magazine featured sections on gardening, livestock and poultry, home improvement, cooking, preserving, and traditional skills such as woodworking, blacksmithing, and weaving.

Visual Appeal

The magazine's design was simple and focused on capturing the essence of rural life. It often included photographs and illustrations that showcased the beauty of the countryside, as well as step-by-step visual guides for various projects and techniques.

Influence and Readership

Country Journal gained a dedicated readership of individuals seeking to embrace a simpler and more self-reliant lifestyle. The magazine provided valuable information and resources for those interested in sustainable farming, traditional crafts, and rural entrepreneurship.


After several decades of publication, Country Journal ceased operations in [insert year here]. Despite its discontinuation, the magazine left a lasting impact on its readers, inspiring many to pursue a more sustainable and connected way of life.{{Categories}}

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