Desert Magazine

Desert Magazine was a distinguished monthly periodical, which was primarily based in the Colorado Desert, within the charming Coachella Valley town of Palm Desert near Palm Springs, California. The inaugural issue graced the public in 1937 under the meticulous stewardship of its founder, editor, and publisher, Randall Henderson. His tenure at the helm spanned until 1958, after which a succession of new editors took the reins until the magazine ceased print publication in 1985.Image:desert-magazine-sample-cover

With a discerning focus on the arid regions of the Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico, Desert Magazine delved into an eclectic array of desert-related subjects. It was an illustrious medium for the exploration and celebration of the desert’s multifaceted offerings. Regional travel and exploration were prominently featured, guiding readers through the vast landscapes, elucidating the natural wonders, and inspiring adventures in these often underappreciated regions.

Additionally, Desert Magazine was a bastion for the arts, featuring exquisite visual artistry including paintings, drawings, and photographs that captured the essence of the desert's ethereal beauty. Through its pages, the magazine became an advocate for the art community, showcasing both established and burgeoning talents.

Prose and literature found a venerable home within Desert Magazine. The written word breathed life into the stories of the desert, with pieces ranging from fiction to historical essays. The magazine's literary section was a tribute to the oral traditions and storytelling that are so deeply ingrained in desert cultures.

Another facet of the magazine was its examination of the cultural history of the desert regions. Through detailed articles and captivating storytelling, Desert Magazine chronicled the rich tapestry of histories, traditions, and peoples that have shaped the desert through the ages.

In its nearly five-decade run, Desert Magazine was more than a periodical; it was a tribute to the complexity and richness of desert life. Through its dedication to exploration, art, literature, and cultural history, it painted a comprehensive and enduring portrait of the desert’s allure and mystique, and in doing so, secured its place as an invaluable resource and treasure in American periodical history.{{Categories}}

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