Entomological Magazine

Entomological Magazine is a respected scientific publication that focuses on the study of insects and other arthropods. It serves as a valuable resource for entomologists, researchers, and enthusiasts interested in the field of entomology.

History and Background

Entomological Magazine was first established in [year]. It has since maintained its commitment to publishing high-quality research articles, papers, and reviews related to the study of insects. The magazine has remained a prominent publication in the field of entomology.

Scope and Coverage

Entomological Magazine covers a wide range of topics within the field of entomology, including taxonomy, morphology, physiology, behavior, ecology, and conservation. The magazine provides a platform for researchers and scientists to share their findings and contribute to the collective knowledge of insects and arthropods.

Research Articles

The magazine publishes original research articles that present new discoveries, experiments, and observations related to insect biology and ecology. These articles undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the accuracy and validity of the scientific information presented.

Review Papers

Entomological Magazine also features review papers that provide comprehensive overviews of specific topics within the field of entomology. These papers synthesize existing research and highlight the current state of knowledge in particular areas, contributing to the advancement of entomological science.

Taxonomy and Systematics

A significant aspect of Entomological Magazine's coverage is the taxonomy and systematics of insects. The magazine publishes descriptions of new insect species, revisions of existing taxonomic groups, and updates on classification systems. These contributions are crucial for proper identification and understanding of insect diversity.

Insect Ecology and Behavior

The magazine dedicates attention to the study of insect ecology and behavior. Articles in this area explore topics such as insect interactions with plants and other organisms, population dynamics, migration patterns, mating behaviors, and communication strategies. Such studies provide insights into the complex ecological roles insects play in various ecosystems.

Conservation and Applied Entomology

Entomological Magazine recognizes the importance of insect conservation and the practical applications of entomological research. The magazine publishes articles that discuss conservation efforts, strategies for sustainable insect management, and the ecological impact of insects on agriculture and human health.


With its rich history and ongoing commitment to scientific excellence, Entomological Magazine has become a reputable source of entomological knowledge. It serves as an invaluable resource for researchers, educators, and anyone interested in the fascinating world of insects.


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