Evangelical Magazine

Evangelical Magazine is a reputable publication that focuses on providing insightful and informative content to the evangelical Christian community.

History and Background

Evangelical Magazine was founded in [year] with the aim of serving as a platform for evangelical Christians to share their faith, delve into theological discussions, and engage in relevant contemporary issues. It has since become a trusted source of information and inspiration for its readers.

Scope and Coverage

Evangelical Magazine covers a wide range of topics related to the evangelical Christian faith, including theology, Christian living, social issues, missions, and ministries. The magazine aims to provide readers with a well-rounded perspective on matters of faith, spirituality, and Christian engagement.

Theology and Doctrine

The publication features articles and essays that explore various theological perspectives and doctrine within the evangelical Christian tradition. It provides readers with thought-provoking discussions on theological topics, encouraging deeper understanding and engagement with Christian doctrine.

Christian Living

Evangelical Magazine seeks to address the practical aspects of Christian living, offering guidance and insights on topics such as prayer, Bible study, personal growth, relationships, and ethical decision-making. It aims to inspire and equip readers to live out their faith in their daily lives.

Social Issues

The magazine focuses on relevant social issues impacting the evangelical Christian community and society at large. It covers topics such as social justice, human rights, poverty, environmental stewardship, and cultural trends, advocating for the application of biblical principles in these areas.

Missions and Ministries

Evangelical Magazine highlights the work of missionaries and ministries around the world, showcasing their efforts in spreading the Gospel, meeting humanitarian needs, and fostering cross-cultural understanding. It serves as a platform for sharing stories, challenges, and successes in the realm of missions.


Evangelical Magazine has established itself as a respected source of information, spiritual nourishment, and inspiration for the evangelical Christian community. Its commitment to providing substantive and relevant content continues to impact and uplift its readers.


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