Express Weekly

Express Weekly is a prominent publication known for its comprehensive coverage of current affairs, politics, business, and entertainment.

History and Background

Express Weekly Magazine was first published in [year] and quickly established itself as a trusted source of news and information. The magazine was founded with the aim of providing its readers with in-depth reporting and analysis across a wide range of topics.

Coverage and Content

Express Weekly Magazine covers a diverse range of subjects, catering to the interests of a wide readership. The publication strives to deliver accurate and reliable news, along with engaging feature articles and opinion pieces.

Current Affairs and Politics

The magazine offers in-depth coverage of current affairs, including national and international news, politics, and government policies. It aims to provide readers with timely, unbiased reporting and analysis to help them stay informed about the latest developments.

Business and Economy

Express Weekly Magazine provides comprehensive coverage of business and economic news. It includes reports on market trends, corporate updates, financial analysis, and interviews with industry experts. The magazine aims to keep its readers updated on the latest happenings in the business world.

Entertainment and Lifestyle

The publication also features a dedicated section for entertainment and lifestyle. It covers the latest news and updates from the world of movies, music, fashion, and celebrity interviews. Express Weekly Magazine strives to cater to the diverse interests of its readers, ensuring a well-rounded reading experience.

Legacy and Impact

Over the years, Express Weekly Magazine has established itself as a trusted source of news and information. Its commitment to delivering thorough and unbiased reporting has garnered a loyal readership. The magazine's in-depth coverage of various topics has contributed to its influence and impact on shaping public opinion.


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