Fabulous 208

Fabulous 208 was a popular British teen magazine that catered to a young audience during the 1960s and 1970s.

History and Background

Fabulous 208 Magazine, originally known as Rave Magazine, was first published in [year] by Fleetway Publications. It quickly gained popularity among teenagers, becoming a leading publication of its time.

Content and Style

Fabulous 208 Magazine aimed to capture the spirit of the swinging 60s and the fashion-forward youth culture of the era. The magazine featured a mix of celebrity interviews, fashion spreads, beauty tips, music reviews, and posters.

The magazine's content revolved around the latest trends and happenings in popular culture. It became known for its vibrant layout, bold visuals, and engaging articles that resonated with its young readership.

Impact and Influence

Fabulous 208 Magazine played a significant role in shaping the youth culture of the 1960s and 1970s. It provided a platform for emerging musicians, actors, fashion icons, and artists, contributing to their rise to stardom. The magazine's coverage of music and fashion trends influenced the tastes and preferences of its readers.

Fabulous 208 Magazine also embraced the mod and psychedelic movement of the time, featuring iconic images and articles that reflected the spirit of the era. Its impact on the youth culture of the time cannot be overstated.


While Fabulous 208 Magazine ceased publication in [year], its impact on the world of teen magazines and popular culture remains significant. The magazine is remembered as a vibrant and influential publication that captured the essence of a transformative era.


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