Fact (UK)

Fact is a widely recognized British publication that focuses on music and arts. It provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of contemporary music, art, and culture.

History and Background

Fact magazine, originally known as The Wire, was first published in [year] by [publisher]. The magazine underwent a rebranding and relaunch in [year] under its current name, Fact.

Content and Style

Fact magazine covers diverse genres, including electronic music, hip-hop, experimental music, and avant-garde art. The magazine features interviews with musicians, artists, and cultural figures, offering insights into their creative processes and perspectives.

The publication also includes in-depth reviews of new albums, tracks, and performances, giving readers the opportunity to discover and engage with the latest releases in the music and arts scene. Fact magazine is known for its comprehensive articles, thoughtful analysis, and thought-provoking interviews.

Online Presence and Digital Initiatives

In addition to the print format, Fact magazine has a strong online presence. The magazine's website serves as a platform for exclusive articles and features, extending the content beyond the printed issues. The website also showcases music and video premieres, curated playlists, and highlights emerging talent.

Fact magazine actively engages with its audience through various social media channels, where it shares news, articles, and updates related to music, art, and culture.

Awards and Recognition

Fact magazine has received numerous accolades over the years for its contributions to music and arts journalism. The publication is recognized for its in-depth reporting, insightful criticism, and dedication to promoting diversity and emerging voices in the creative sphere.

Impact and Influence

With its extensive coverage of cutting-edge music, art, and culture, Fact magazine has played a significant role in shaping the contemporary arts scene. The magazine introduces readers to new genres and artists, providing a platform for emerging talent and fostering a community of artistic appreciation and exploration.


Fact magazine continues to be a leading publication in the music and arts domain, positioned as a valuable resource for critical analysis, feature articles, and interviews. Its commitment to showcasing a wide range of genres and artistic forms has solidified its status as an authoritative voice within the realm of contemporary music and arts.


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