Figaro is a monthly magazine that covers local news, culture, and events in New Orleans, Louisiana. The publication was founded in 1996 and has since become a popular source of information among residents and visitors to the city.Image:figaro-sample-cover

Figaro website and magazine feature a range of content, including articles on topics such as food and drink, music and entertainment, sports, and politics. The magazine also offers reviews of local businesses and attractions and profiles of notable individuals and organizations in the city.

Owned and operated by Figaro Publishing, Inc., the magazine is distributed through local retailers, newsstands, and subscriptions. It is considered a valuable resource for those looking to stay informed and connected to the vibrant community of New Orleans.

Over the years, Figaro has received numerous accolades for its coverage of New Orleans, including awards from the Press Club of New Orleans and the Louisiana Press Association. The magazine has also been recognized for its contributions to local charitable causes and events.

As of 2021, Figaro continues to publish monthly issues, providing readers with a diverse and informative look at the people, places, and culture of New Orleans.{{Categories}}

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