Flexipop! was a renowned music and pop culture magazine that played a significant role in the UK's vibrant music scene during the 1980s.

History and Background

Originally named Popedia, Flexipop magazine was launched in [year of establishment] and quickly gained popularity among music enthusiasts, independent artists, and emerging bands. The magazine targeted a niche audience, namely those passionate about the alternative and new wave music genres.

Unique Concept

Flexipop distinguished itself from other music magazines by coupling its publication with a flexi disc, a flexible phonograph record that featured exclusive tracks from up-and-coming bands. This innovative concept brought a fresh dynamic to the magazine, capturing the attention of music lovers who craved new and unique content.

Engaging Content and Features

Flexipop included in-depth interviews with musicians, album reviews, concert coverage, and articles on various aspects of pop culture. The magazine embraced a DIY spirit, often providing practical advice to aspiring musicians on recording techniques, album promotion, and independent music distribution.

Collaborations and Contributions

Flexipop collaborated with prominent artists, bands, and photographers to create visually striking magazine covers and captivating photo shoots. It presented a diverse range of musical genres, showcasing both established artists and emerging talent. The magazine played a crucial role in promoting the independent music scene, giving exposure to many underground bands and allowing readers to discover new and groundbreaking music.

Influence and Legacy

Flexipop made a lasting impact on the British music scene of the 1980s, helping to shape the trajectory of independent music and alternative pop culture. The magazine's distinctive combination of engaging content and exclusive flexi disc releases provided a platform for emerging artists to reach a wider audience, contributing to the evolution of the UK's music landscape.

Flexipop had a successful run, with [number] issues published during its existence. However, due to financial constraints and changing dynamics in the music industry, the magazine ceased publication in [year of cessation]. Despite its discontinuation, Flexipop remains a fondly remembered and treasured artifact of the era, with its unique flexi disc releases still sought after by collectors and music enthusiasts.

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