Flying Models

Flying Models, an American-based publication, was cherished by aviation aficionados and model hobbyists alike for its dedicated coverage of model aviation. The magazine commenced its journey in 1928, delivering knowledge, insights, and inspiration to its readership until it ceased publication in 2014.magazine-cover-not-available.png

The magazine's publishing house, Carstens Publications, Inc, known for a diverse array of hobbyist-centric content, was instrumental in transforming Flying Models into a cornerstone within the model aviation community. Throughout its 86-year tenure, the magazine remained faithful to its pivotal role of steering readers through the fascinating world of aerodynamic design, construction techniques, and the mastering of model flight.

Flying Models was widely appreciated for its intricate focus on all niches of model aviation. Be it free-flight, control-line, radio control, or indoor flight models, the magazine proved an invaluable guide. Enriched with comprehensive articles, in-depth reviews, and connective editorials, it encouraged both beginners and veterans to explore the universe of miniature aviation in all its splendid diversity.

An illustrious ensemble of writers and contributors lent their expertise to Flying Models. Esteemed veterans like Don Ross, Walt Mooney, and Nick Ziroli penned articles, guides, and tips, their collective knowledge resonating in each page, guiding readers through the nuances of model flight with precision and passion.

One of Flying Models' distinguishing features was the inclusion of detailed construction plans. These ranged from simple beginner models to complex competition designs. Coupled with comprehensive instructional guides and exquisite photographic accompaniments, these plans provided readers with the complete toolset to bring their aviation models to life.

Furthermore, the magazine kept its readership updated on the pulse of the model aviation community, with regular features on events, competitions, and showcases across the globe. Its pages were a platform for enthusiasts not only to learn but also to connect, share experiences, and celebrate their achievements.

Throughout its lifetime, Flying Models did not just print pages; it shaped experiences. It incubated dreams, nurtured curiosity, and fulfilled the demand for quality knowledge in the realm of model aviation, proving an integral part of the fabric of the entire hobbyist community.

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