Furniture Style

"Furniture Style," is a highly regarded American periodical that constitutes a remarkable presence within the realm of interior design, specifically tailored to the furniture industry. Documenting various design movements and innovations, it has become a pivotal publication for professionals, enthusiasts, and industry insiders.magazine-cover-not-available.png

Established in 1997, "Furniture Style" addresses a multitude of interests, built upon the orchestrations of prominent decorators, artists, and manufacturers. It serves as a platform for the discussions of furniture trends, industry updates, and sound advice on purchasing decisions.

The headquarters of "Furniture Style," nestled in the fast-paced city of Chicago, presents a strategic vantage point that encapsulates the dynamic advances within the furniture industry. This positioning enables the magazine to provide its readership with an encompassing view of national and international trends.

"Furniture Style" effectively communicates the many layers of the furniture industry. Every issue features industry news and commentary, reviews of furniture collections, showcases of upcoming designers, and practical advice for furniture retailing. It serves as a practical and inspiring repository for the furniture marketplace.

A key strength of "Furniture Style" lies in its diverse authorship. Its array of contributors ranges from renowned interior designers to astute industry analysts offering a comprehensive, multi-faceted perspective to its readers. This diversity ensures a rich content mix, unique perspectives, and a comprehensive overview of the industry's landscape.

Consistently displaying high standards of journalistic integrity, "Furniture Style" adheres closely to the accuracy of facts and impartiality of viewpoint. It maintains this commitment, providing its readership with trustworthy and informative content about the industry.

In all, "Furniture Style" sits at the forefront of the furniture industry's publications, embodying a renowned touchstone for designers, manufacturers, and enthusiasts alike. Commanding a compelling mix of design trends, market analysis, and retail advice, this etalon remains a force to be reckoned with amidst furniture trade literature, serving as a singularly insightful guide to the larger discourse of the industry.{{Categories}}

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