Game Players

"Game Players" is a defunct American bimonthly video game magazine that carved a unique place in gaming literature during the digital entertainment explosion of the late 20th century. Founded in 1989 by Robert Lock, under Signal Research, the magazine was dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage on console gaming culture, including news, previews, reviews, and other related content.Image:game-players-magazine-sample-cover

The initial focus of "Game Players" was squarely on the then-popular Nintendo platforms, including the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Boy, but with the launch of Sega's Genesis system, the magazine expanded its coverage. In 1991, the publication was renamed "Game Players Sega and Nintendo Guide", a reflection of its inclusive editorial coverage. By the mid-1990s, as Sony and other manufacturers entered the market, "Game Players" broadened its scope to cover all major gaming systems.

Known for its irreverent editorial tone and in-depth reviews, "Game Players" garnered a wide readership with its attention to qualitative content. Iconic sections in the magazine included features on strategies and cheats, as well as Game Doctor, a column addressing the readers' gaming issues with an informal, cheeky dialogue. Simultaneously, it maintained a strong focus on in-depth reviews and previews, ensuring that readers were well-informed about the latest releases.

Throughout the 1990s, "Game Players" went through several name changes and evolutions, reflecting not only changing market dynamics but also different editorial management and ownerships. In 1996, it was morphed into Ultra Game Players. Ultimately, in 1998, it transformed into Game Buyer, before all publication was ceased by Imagine Media.

Throughout its years of publication, "Game Players" played a central role in shaping the landscape of video game journalism. Its extensive coverage and distinct voice marked it as a vital chronicle of an industry in rapid evolution, capturing the rich tapestry of the video game culture of its time.{{Categories}}

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