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Geek Monthly was a popular American print magazine dedicated to geek culture, published from 2006 to 2010. It provided an exciting mix of content on diverse topics such as video games, comic books, technology, and popular science.

Founding and Publication History

Fueled by the rising interest in geek culture in the 21st century, the publication was launched in 2006 by CFQ Media, an entity known earlier for the science fiction and horror film magazine, Cinefantastique. Geek Monthly gained traction among enthusiasts for its accurate, in-depth, and user-friendly presentation of geek-related content.

Content and Coverage

Geek Monthly offered a compelling mix of content across various facets of geek culture. It provided reviews of emerging tech gadgets, previews and reviews of video games, updates on comic book releases, and coverage of the science fiction genre across various media. Apart from these, Geek Monthly also spotlighted the more serious side of geek culture, incorporating discussions about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) topics.

Geek Monthly's coverage of entertainment included insightful interviews with celebrities relevant to the geek culture, including writers, movie creators, and television stars.

Transition to Digital

In 2010, Geek Monthly ceased its print operations, transitioning to a digital-only format under the website name The switch reflected the increasing digital consumption of media content, especially within the demographic niche Geek Monthly catered to.

While the print version of Geek Monthly no longer exists, its digital avatar continues to entertain and inform a dedicated audience, serving as a testament to the evolution of media consumption and the enduring appeal of geek culture.{{Categories}}

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