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Ghost Stories was an American pulp magazine that published tales of the supernatural between 1926 and 1932. It was produced by the company Bernarr Macfadden Publications.

Publication History

Ghost Stories Magazine was launched in 1926 by Bernarr Macfadden, an influential figure in American publishing. The magazine published a total of 64 issues throughout its six-year life span before it ceased publication in 1932 during the Great Depression.

Content and Style

Ghost Stories was a pulp magazine, named so for the cheap wood pulp paper it was printed on. As the title suggests, the publication focused on ghost and horror-themed narratives. The stories in the magazine mostly showcased supernatural phenomena and concentrated on atmospheric and psychological horror rather than graphic or sensationalist horror.


The magazine was highly regarded for its unique art style. Each issue, including the cover, was profusely illustrated by artists known for their skill in thrilling and eerie depictions. The eerie grayscale illustrations, drawn by talented pulp artists of the time, greatly contributed to the magazine's overall appeal. The cover designs often featured dramatic spectral images and scenes of horror that encapsulated the stories within.

Writers and Stories

Ghost Stories didn't typically boast work by well-known writers of the time, but it was a home for many engaging narratives nonetheless. Stories were often first-person accounts, destined to mimic the tradition of telling ghost stories orally. Some readers were even invited to submit their own "true" ghostly experiences, a portion of which were then published in the magazine.

Cultural Impact

Despite its short life and being considered a niche publication, Ghost Stories is fondly remembered by enthusiasts of supernatural fiction and pulp magazines. As one of the first magazines to focus solely on ghost stories, it paved the way for other publications in the genre.

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