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Giant was an American men's lifestyle publication that ran from 2004 to 2009, focusing on pop culture, style, music, and entertainment.

Publisher Information

Giant was first published by the University of Illinois-educated Radio One DJ-turned-entrepreneur, Jamie Hooper. Subsequently, it was acquired by the Radio One, Inc., the largest African-American owned and operated broadcast-company in the US.

Editorial Focus

Unlike traditional men's magazines, Giant took a fresh, modern approach, blending pop culture including music, movies, and TV with fashion and lifestyle content. Interviews with celebrities, insightful features, and behind-the-scenes pieces constituted a significant part of the magazine's core content.

Format and Design

Initially, Giant was published as a bi-monthly print product before transitioning to an all-digital format with the advent of the Internet era. The magazine had a distinct visual design, emphasizing bold imagery, sophisticated photography, and modern typography.

Cultural Impact

During its run, Giant was known for its knack for identifying and highlighting artists and actors on the verge of breakout success. This prescience made the magazine a significant influencer within pop culture. It also created a portfolio of exclusive interviews with celebrities such as Jay-Z and Denzel Washington.

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