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Global Rhythm was an American music magazine in publication from 1990 until 2009, primarily focusing on world music and global culture.

Origins and Publisher Information

The magazine was first published in 1990. Initially named Rhythm Music Magazine, it was then rebranded to Global Rhythm in 2001.

Editorial Focus

The content of Global Rhythm was firmly grounded in world music and international culture. It brought into focus a multitude of genres from various regions around the globe, such as Latin, Reggae, Caribbean, Asian, and African music, amongst others. The magazine sought not only to expose readers to new, diverse sounds but also to provide in-depth context and understanding of the cultural origins and influences behind the music.

Content and Format

Each issue of Global Rhythm was rich with musician profiles, album reviews, cultural articles, and regional music scene overviews. Beyond music, the magazine also covered global cinema, food, and travel, thereby offering its readers a wide panorama of global cultures.

Legacy and Influence

Over its almost two decades of publication, Global Rhythm carved a niche for itself as a dedicated platform for international music and culture lovers. Its comprehensive coverage catered to both casual listeners as well as serious aficionados, making it a primary resource for those seeking to delve into the world music scene.

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