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GMR (Games Media Properties Review) was an American monthly video game magazine that was published from 2003 to 2005 as a premium brand publication by Ziff Davis Media.

Publisher Information

GMR started its publication journey in February 2003 and terminated in 2005. It was a part of a promotional deal with Electronics Boutique, a gaming and software retailer also known as EB Games. The magazine was available in both newsstands and as part of a discount subscription plan for EB customers.

Editorial Focus

GMR primarily focused on video game reviews, previews, strategy guides, and in-depth analysis of the gaming industry's trends and conventions. It encompassed a variety of gaming platforms, including PC, console, and handheld systems.

Content Structure

The magazine was divided into several sections, including a News section, Features, Previews, Reviews, and a Replay section, which were typical for publications in the field. Unique to GMR was a "Manual," a guide for games, and "Boneyard," an analysis of failed video game concepts. The magazine often featured game-related cover art, which contributed to its visual appeal.

Influence and Demise

Even though GMR enjoyed a brief lifespan, it was well-received within the gaming community for its eclectic mix of content and in-depth coverage of gaming trends. It was recognized for its objective reviews and diverse editorial voice. The magazine ended its publication in 2005 due to the termination of its partnership with Electronics Boutique.

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